Here's the problem with pictures...

What do you do with them?  I've tried a lot of different platforms to store and share photos, but each one has its own set of headaches.  Let's take instagram for example:

I put a picture on instagram.  Instagram compresses and down converts the resolution, then squishes it into a square so it will fit neatly in line with all the other pictures in your feed.  You can like it, you can save it, you can look at it, and then what?  To save it to your phone you either take a screenshot and crop it, or use another app to save it to your photo library.  But then you've got a squished picture that's a much lower quality than the original.

If I put something on dropbox, I can share it with anybody I like.*  They have to navigate dropbox's terrible UI, then download to their photo library.  Or I can do the same, and post it to social media, or the iPhone's built in photo stream.**  My last option is to email or text it to someone, which will retain the quality but eats up space and eats into that person's data plan.***

*As long as they still have storage available on dropbox.  **Only works with other iPhones. ***Don't get Billy started on data usage.

What we have here is a way for everybody to look at the pictures I think are the best, that I've edited and uploaded in their original resolution.  There's unlimited storage, and unlimited pages, so I can group these photos by subject, date, and the camera with which they were taken.  People are free to save and download as much or as little as they like.  The pictures aren't going anywhere. (Unless I forget to renew my squarespace plan next April)

There's also a blog section, where you can read long rambling posts about nothing in particular (like this one!), and we're free to comment and caption however we like, and without the awkwardness of a "Like" function.  It's just like the photo albums my mother would tirelessly compile when I was young,  a tradition these kids will never understand.

I love taking pictures, and I love being able to share them.  The process is what holds me back, so hopefully this site will streamline that significantly.  

Finally, the site is available to anybody who might want to contribute pictures of their own.  Either email them to me, or ask for an invitation so you can put together a page of your own.  Squarespace makes everything incredibly intuitive, and simple, yet the final result looks polished and professional.  At 9 bucks a month I can't recommend it enough.



- Brendan