Ruby's 2nd birthday, a microcosm of toddlerhood.

Ruby's birthday was on a Friday, and celebrations were planned for the weekend before, directly after, and a week after that.  But we had a lot to deal with before anybody could have any fun.

The Sunday before her birthday, she came down with one of her famous fevers, with the runniest nose you've ever seen thrown in the mix.  Long days of lounging, watching movies, naps, and hydrating are something we're used to, but you never get accustomed to the worry.  She was waking up in the middle of the night, and we could both tell how distressed she was.  So we tried to cheer her up with birthday activities; trips to the toy store, new movies (Moana!) and stuff like that.

But kids around 2 don't recover the way we do.  After your symptoms subside, you probably take it easy for a couple of days, try to eat well and sleep better.  Not Ruby.  She wanted to get right back to being a kid, but she was still over-tired and not operating at 100%, so she was cranky.  Super cranky.

Friday, her actual birthday, she went to school to celebrate with friends, then we went out to dinner with Reedy at Crosby's.  She had fun, but the night ended with her very tired, very cranky, and we got her in bed.  We figured that was that.  Sometime between 6:30 and 7:00, before we got her out of her crib, Ruby had her first experience with vomiting.  We walk into her room to get her up, and she's just covered in it.  She asked me, "What happened?"  I couldn't really explain.

We had company coming, so we cleaned her up and got ready for Matias, Jesse, and Leo.  Everything was going well.  The pictures you see of her eating pancakes were from that morning.  But at some point before her nap, she threw up again.  And then again after her nap.  And then once more.  She finally stopped asking what happened, and just cried when she knew it was coming.  Heartbreaking, sure, but also very hard to comfort her.  We got her through the night, and the next day she was better, but not her best.

Everything improved by the following weekend, and her birthday party was a massive success.  Getting there wasn't easy, but nothing is when you're 2.  It's all part of the fun.